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What is a Harvest Ambassador

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Selling Sustainability, Freshness, and Beautifully-Curated Goodness.

Our Harvest Ambassadors are all about the hustle. They love to take on diverse challenges to develop their skills, present delicious products, and push for a greener future.

Event Engagement

Our brand ambassadors represent our company at various events and shows. They attend these gatherings, interact with customers, and engage potential customers in meaningful conversations. Their warm and enthusiastic approach ensures that everyone feels valued and well-informed about our offerings.

Product Showcase

Showcasing our fantastic range of products and foods is one of the primary tasks of our brand ambassadors. They possess extensive knowledge about our offerings and go above and beyond to educate customers about the quality, variety, and benefits of our products. By providing demos and samples, they give customers the chance to experience the superior quality firsthand.

Building a Buzz

Our brand ambassadors play a pivotal role in creating an engaging and exciting buzz around our brand. They effectively communicate our brand story, highlight our values, and generate excitement about what sets us apart. Their genuine passion and enthusiasm help foster a community of loyal customers who are eager to spread the word about our brand.
Our brand ambassadors are the true representatives of The Neighborhood Harvest. Their commitment to attending events, engaging customers, showcasing our products, and creating a buzz plays a vital role in our brand’s success.


Suffolk, VA – remote

What We Offer


Flexible Hours

Set your hours, work around your classes, and be an integral part of an exciting company that brings food from farm to fork.


Professional Development

Roll up your sleeves with hands-on learning in sales, customer service, and problem-solving opportunities that look great on your resume—all while helping us bloom. 


Community Involvement

As a Harvest Sales Professional, you will welcome fresh food options to your neighborhood. Be part of the movement for sustainability and conscious consumption.


  • Positive attitude
  • Eager to learn
  • Team oriented
  • No cost to start, no products to buy


  • Flexible schedules & work anywhere
  • Room for advancement
  • Enhanced communication skills

Your Role as a Harvest Ambassador

As a Harvest Ambassador, your main responsibilities are to promote The Neighborhood Harvest’s brand, increase our customer base, and create a positive brand image. This involves a variety of tasks that are both fun and rewarding.

Social Media Content Creation

You will be in charge of creating engaging social media content. This entails posting one captivating post and one eye-catching story per week. By showcasing our products and values, you will keep our followers informed and excited about what we offer.

Product Demonstrations and Advertisements

Conducting product demonstrations and advertisements will be another crucial aspect of your role. By showcasing our products to potential customers, you will highlight their benefits and generate interest. This will involve presenting our offerings in an engaging and persuasive manner.

Local Business Outreach

 You will have the opportunity to connect with local businesses and distribute promotional materials to them. Your goal will be to secure at least one new business partnership every week. By fostering relationships with local establishments, you will help expand our customer base and raise awareness of our brand within the community.

Training and Qualities

To become a successful Harvest Ambassador, you should possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Additionally, a deep understanding of our products and values is essential. Don’t worry – we provide individualized and customized training to ensure you have a solid grasp on our brand and offerings. Enthusiasm, outgoingness, and the ability to work independently, as well as part of a team, are also important traits we value.

By embodying these qualities and fulfilling your responsibilities as a Harvest Ambassador, you will play a critical role in creating a lasting positive impression of The Neighborhood Harvest brand. Your efforts will help us grow and reach an even wider audience of satisfied customers.

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