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The Roots of Our Goodness

Sustainability, honesty, and feeding our neighborhoods are the roots that have kept our story alive since 2012. And we keep on growing.

The Roots of Our Goodness
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It all started with better basil.

Back in 2012, our founders John, Thomas, and Eric, responded to the search for top-quality, local herbs by building a basil greenhouse in Suffolk, VA. Smart Basil Farms’s idea centered on using only the best, non-GMO seeds and clean, hydroponic farming practices. Expanding from a little greenhouse into a sea of varied greens, it became the backbone of our business.

It all started with better basil. Farm food delivery near you in Virginia

How did we grow? One value at a time.

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Superior Quality

The team mastered their farming operation but soon found that using the industrial supply chain (think big trucks, cold storage & store shelves) meant losing control over the quality of their greens. By the time the food reached the customer’s plate, it had lost some of its freshness, nutrition, and flavor. Enter The Neighborhood Harvest: the organic food delivery service that solves this problem.

Local Delivery

When it comes to giving back to our neighbors, we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk. And we do a lot of walking by hand-selecting, packing, quality-checking, and delivering each order within 48 hours of harvest. We began hand-delivering our greens each week by renting refrigerated vans—spurning a fleet of drivers that won’t let our dedication turn stale.

Sustainable food
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Sustainable Partnerships

Inspired by the Eat Local movement, we budded strong local and regional partnerships to give our customers a colorful variety of fresh produce, organic fruits, and local vegetables. Realizing that we work better together, we unite each farm, ranch, dairy, and artisan supplier to find healthy food raised the right way: honestly and sustainably.

Community Focus

Being part of a cooperative means cooperating: working together to squash problems, support the community, and plant the seeds of change. So in 2020, we launched the Giving Back program, helping families in need with farm-fresh produce all year long. Along with hiring locally, visiting farmers’ markets, and forming relationships, here are a few ways we honor the all-natural initiative.

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Customer- centric Service

As givers, we knew from the start that customer care would be at the heart of our business. That’s why we connect each person with a local Customer Success Specialist to help us make our service more meaningful. Responding to the lifestyles changed by the pandemic, we kicked our Harvest Kitchen into overdrive, sprouting a robust menu of prepared meals. Now we turn every deserted plate into a thriving garden.

Humanity- Driven Team

Our personal philosophy runs on bringing humanity back to our kitchens. When we talk about humanity, we are talking about giving complete authenticity to everyone we come into contact with; our families, partners, and community. Working towards a greener world, our team takes pride in the truth we sow—making our mission more than just words.

Sustainable food

The neighbors are talking.

You truly taste the locally grown difference in all their produce, delivered at its nutritional best. 10/10 highly recommend! JANET & GABE
I love the fresh, pesticide-free produce! It's great to know I can support a local business and enjoy delicious salads! BEAN FAMILY
The greens and other products from the Neighborhood Harvest are the very best! I invite all my friends & neighbors to sign up and eat healthy! SANDY EATON
I look forward to my Neighborhood Harvest delivery every Thursday. The convenience factor is key! LILA GOODMAN
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Get to know the neighborhood Harvest

Eating well has never been more convenient.

Try our Classic Bundle or Salad Kit to sample some of our favorite local produce, or browse our Shop for other food that suits your taste. Need help finding your way through nature? Call us; we’ll nurture you with beautifully-curated freshness.