What are Your Neighbors Saying?

Very little salad dressing is needed on any of the greens because they taste so good and fresh! My husband and I get excited for every week’s delivery
— Amy Frostick (VA Beach)
My kids eat so much more salad now because of the Neighborhood Harvest. They think it is like a Christmas present that comes to the door every week! When they come home from school on Tuesdays, they race each other to the porch, open the box and see what came in this week’s delivery. Thank you Neighborhood Harvest!
— Montana Young (Suffolk, VA)
I have thoroughly enjoyed the boxes of fresh greens that were delivered to my house each week. They were always fresh and tasty. I loved looking in my box to find greens that I had never tried before that were both healthy and needed little, or no preparation.
— Cathy Bowler (VA Beach)
Your greens are ALL so fresh and tasteful! They last longer than any other green I have gotten from stores. I look forward to getting them now!
— Lori Cooper (VA Beach)
I wasn’t a big salad person, so when my wife signed us up for The Neighborhood Harvest, I was a little worried about having to eat “leaves” all the time. It wasn’t long though before I was converted and was actually stealing salad my wife had intended for her own meals! The product is so fresh and has so much flavor compared to everything I had tasted before that now I find myself taking a salad to work almost every day and getting in trouble for using the last of the arugula.
— Inho Kim (Suffolk, VA)