Our local, pesticide free greenhouses work 365 days a year to grow the most amazing greens and lettuces you'll find anywhere.


We harvest your delivery fresh, just for you! as a subscriber you have a spot set aside for your order in our greenhouse. We harvest and deliver your produce the next day, so you never have to worry about freshness or quality issues!


You decide you'd like to to join The Neighborhood Harvest.

Not sure yet?

We offer a free trial week for any prospective subscriber, no strings attached! We wont ask for a credit card, or a deposit, just give us a call!

Once your ready to subscribe, visit our on-line store and sign up! Or you can call us and a real person will set you up over the phone.


Within a week of signing up we deliver your climate controlled delivery box to your home or office and you receive your first delivery of local greens!

Each week thereafter, on the same day, you will receive a new delivery of staple greens that you can depend on in your weekly grocery planning, as well as changing seasonal favorites to keep your options fresh and exciting.

Don't worry about being home, we deliver each week with a fresh icepack that keeps your greens cold for up to 12 hours! When you take your delivery inside, just leave the ice pack in the box, we will swap it out the next week.


We want to bring the benefits of The Neighborhood Harvest to as many people in our community as possible, so were asking for your help.

Make yourself a Harvest Ambassador and spread the word. Tell your friends, co-workers and neighbors about us. You can even tell your neighbors co-workers and your friends neighbors!

For every 3 people who sign up and mention they heard about us from you, we will give you a free month of deliveries! 

If you spread the word to enough people, you might never have to purchase your greens or lettuces ever again!