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Food Farmacy:

At The Neighborhood Harvest, we believe in nourishing the body and soul with fresh, thoughtfully-sourced grocery solutions, and nutrient-dense meals crafted by expert chefs and registered dietitians, delivered to your door. With The Neighborhood Harvest Food Farmacy, we’re embracing the “Food is Medicine” approach, offering Medically Tailored Meals (MTMs) and grocery solutions designed to improve health outcomes, support our local community, and enhance overall well-being. Our offerings are more than just food; they’re a catalyst for lasting lifestyle changes and a commitment to good health.

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Medically Tailored Meals

Medically Tailored
Meals (MTMs)

Our MTMs are not just meals; they’re a celebration of what is possible when we pursue healthy eating with a passion for quality ingredients and dining satisfaction. Following the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, our medically-tailored meals are nutrient-rich, balanced, and cater to various health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, providing personalized nutrition that heals, sustains, and impacts healthy eating behaviors, ensuring you stay healthy and fit.

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Medically Tailored Meals in Virginia

Why Choose The Neighborhood Harvest Food Farmacy?

Wholesome Ingredients:

  • Prioritizing local ingredients and partnering with small businesses and farms, our meals are crafted from real and thoughtfully-sourced ingredients. They’re free from added artificial preservatives, GMOs, trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics, and hormones. This ensures that every bite is not only genuinely nourishing but also supports our community and its businesses.

Lifestyle Approach:

  • The Neighborhood Harvest Food Farmacy offers a combination of MTMs, grocery solutions, beverage options, and bundles to address the needs of multiple meal periods and snacks for the whole family, empowering healthy eating and allowing for achievable and long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Diverse Dietary Needs We Address:

  • From Heart-Healthy to Diabetic-Friendly, Vegetarian to Sodium-Reduced, Low-Sodium to Low-Calorie, our MTMs offer a wide range of nutrient-dense meals to support your specific health and wellness journey, crafted by expert chefs and approved by registered dietitians.

Convenience & Flexibility:

  • Enjoy chef-quality meals ready in minutes, with customizable menus and delivery right to your doorstep.

Food as Medicine for the Growing Family:

  • The Neighborhood Harvests recognizes that the social determinants for health and an individual’s medical and dietary restrictions affect the whole family. That’s why our MTMs and grocery solutions are designed to provide improved health outcomes for mothers and children as well through reducing instances of low birth weight and conveniently meeting the tastes and nutritional needs of the whole family.

Community Health Impact:

  • In choosing The Neighborhood Harvest Food Farmacy, you are joining us in our mission to make healthy eating accessible to all and strengthening local communities by impacting health outcomes like reduced hospital readmissions, diabetes, and obesity, etc.

Benefits of Our MTMs

Personalized Nutrition:

  • Tailored to the dietary recommended allowances and your personal health needs, our MTMs provide the right balance of macronutrients in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and whole food protein.

Crafted for Enjoyment:

  • Given our culinary heritage and in working closely with our professional chefs and restaurateurs, our MTMs taste great! By keeping flavor and satisfaction in mind, we help establish meaningful and long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Engagement in Health:

  • Our MTMs are more than food; through a combination of fresh, ready-to-eat and satisfying, easy-to-heat meal options, they’re an engagement tool to inspire a healthier life and lasting behavioral change.

Support for Various Health Conditions:

  • Our MTMs cater to diverse health needs, from managing chronic conditions and boosting immunity to offering Diabetic-friendly, Heart-healthy, Low Sodium, Vegetarian, Low Calorie, and Dairy-free options.

Holistic Chain Support:

  • Our MTMs are a testament to our commitment to wellness at every level. From collaborating with local farmers and artisans to ensuring our broader network thrives, we create a ripple effect of health and sustainability. Whether you’re in our local community or beyond, choosing The Neighborhood Harvest means expanding the definition of Food is Medicine and supporting a holistic ecosystem dedicated to well-being.
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Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

The Neighborhood Harvest participates with SSSEVA, one of several Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) in Virginia, to deliver fresh and nutritious meals to the homebound elderly population. This group within our local community is unable to leave their home, making access to food very difficult. With nutritionally designed meals delivered right to their door and over 90,000 meals delivered through this partnership so far, TNH is pleased to address this challenge and serve the needs of the local community!

With support from The Neighborhood Harvest making weekly donations of fresh produce and other nutritious items, Greater Works Community Outreach provides groceries annually to over 20,000 people who need assistance with access to food. TNH is pleased to contribute to this worthy cause.

Over 34 years, Access College Foundation has helped provide an opportunity for 77,000 students to receive a college education and make a difference. The Neighborhood Harvest has provided an additional boost to many of those students with the home delivery of fruit and vegetable bundles.

Virginia Public Schools

The United States Department of Agriculture provides funds for local Virginia public schools to use for sourcing local produce. The Neighborhood Harvest is pleased to help behind the scenes with delivering these nutritious food options to 271 schools in our community.

Virginia Public Schools

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    Join the Food is Medicine® Movement

    Embrace the healing power of food with The Neighborhood Harvest Food Farmacy. Our MTMs and grocery solutions are a testament to our commitment to nourishing our community, improving health outcomes, and driving positive change in the way we eat. Get started today and taste the difference that quality, medically tailored nutrition can make.


    MTMs are meals designed to cater to specific health conditions and dietary needs, ensuring personalized nutrition that promotes healing and overall well-being.
    Our MTMs are chef-prepared and dietician approved following the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, ensuring they are nutrient-rich, balanced, and cater to specific health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.
    Yes, our MTMs offer a wide range of options, including Vegan, Heart-Healthy, Low Sodium, and more, to support your unique health and wellness journey.

    We prioritize local farmers and artisans ensuring our meals are prepared expertly with real, wholesome, and carefully-sourced ingredients.

    All of our meals are crafted fresh by expert chefs; some are “ready to eat”, like our Bento Boxes and salads, and others are flash frozen to lock in their nutritional value and freshness upon delivery.

    Each meal comes with specific heating instructions to ensure optimal taste and nutrition.

    We have a growing delivery network that spans our local community and beyond. Please check our delivery page or contact us for specific areas.

    You can reach out to our TNH support team through the “Call Now for Support” button on our website or contact us via email.