Frequently Asked Questions


The office is open from 9 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday.  If we are away, email us at or call 757-809-3577.

All you pay for is what you order and whichever delivery plan you choose!

Annual Delivery Plan: $99 per year for unlimited weekly deliveries. 
The Annual Delivery Plan is charged upon registration and then yearly on your anniversary of signup. 

Monthly Delivery Plan: $9.99 per month for unlimited weekly deliveries. 
The Monthly Delivery Plan will charge upon registering and again monthly at the first of each month thereafter. 

Pay as You Go: $7.99 per delivery for unlimited weekly deliveries.
Order how you choose and only be charged when you have an order. 

You are able to order as few or as many weekly orders you choose and can cancel at any time.

Meats, dairy, eggs, bread, craft beverages, pantry staples, and local vegetables are delivered with one click. Most recently, we developed our own Harvest Kitchen, where our chefs create deli items and gourmet meals in small batches, bringing a new level of convenience to our customers’ doorstep. Enjoy anything from handmade pan pizza to fresh harvest smoothies in our Shop. Click here to explore all our product offerings.
Currently, we deliver to the greater Hampton Roads area from Smithfield to Virginia Beach, Hickory to Williamsburg—as well as parts of Richmond and Charlottesville. If you are unsure if you are in our delivery area, please contact us or enter your address on the front page of our website to confirm eligibility.

If your home is outside our delivery area, but your workplace, friend, or family member is, we can deliver it there for safekeeping. Call to join our waitlist at 757-809-3577 and be the first to know when we’re coming to your neighborhood.

We prepare meals and deli items in our Harvest Kitchen in Virginia Beach and source our products from a vetted network of 30+ small farms that meet our high standards for quality and sustainability. Sometimes, we forge partnerships outside the region to bring exceptional items to our customers that cannot be made locally.

Learn more about our farms.

You can manage your order as often as you like up until two days before delivery. To skip a delivery, login, click “Going On Vacation,” enter the unavailable dates, and hit save. To cancel, contact us at or 757-809-3577 before your order window closes.

You don’t need to be home! We make deliveries straight to your front door in a cooler box you provide. Please place ice or frozen water bottles inside your cooler, especially during the summertime heat.

Not a problem! We will deliver your order in an insulated, reusable bag and leave it at your front door or designated delivery location. We will charge a $5.00 fee per bag to your account. If you return the insulated bag on your next delivery day, we will credit that amount back to your Harvest account.

In the summer, we recommend leaving your cooler in the shade to protect your delivery. Also, please keep ice or frozen water bottles inside your cooler for extra refrigeration.

In most instances, we can gain access to the building from site management. If we cannot enter, we will happily work out a different delivery solution for you.

The date of your first delivery depends on where you live and when you complete your customer profile. You will receive your order within a week if your profile is complete. When you place your order, you can choose between three delivery dates.

Our general delivery window is between 6 AM and 6 PM. Delivery time depends on two factors: the length of your route and how many others are before you. Once you receive your first delivery, your delivery time won’t vary greatly each week.

For every referred customer that lists your name in the Referred By box on their customer profile, you will receive $25 in credit when they receive their first order!