The office is open Monday - Friday 9am-3pm.  Need to call? Reach us at 757-809-3577. If you reach our voice mail, please leave a message as it is checked often, and calls are returned on the same or next day. The best way to reach us is email: info@theneighborhoodharvest.com 
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We started as a small hydroponic farm in Suffolk VA, delivering our freshly harvested, clean lettuces, greens and herbs to our customers. Over the years, we have added a vast number of items to our menu, thanks to partnerships with other small farms, artisans and specialty suppliers. These items include produce, meats, dairy, eggs, bread, craft beverages and pantry staples. Most recently, we developed our own Harvest Kitchen, where our chefs create deli items and prepared meals in small batches, bringing a new level of convenience to our customers' doorstep.

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Currently we deliver to most of the Hampton Roads from Smithfield to Virginia Beach, and from Hickory up to Williamsburg. Also, to parts of Richmond and Charlottesville. If you are unsure if you are in our delivery area, please give us a call, send us an email, or check your address on the front page of our website, where you can confirm that you are in our delivery range.

If you're not in our delivery area, we might be able to deliver to your workplace if that is in our delivery area, or maybe to the home of a friend/family member. If neither of these are options, don't fret! Our delivery areas are expanding frequently so it's likely we may be delivering to your area soon! To be added to our waiting list, please give us a call. We will contact you as soon as we open your area for delivery.

We grow and harvest lettuces, greens & herbs in our hydroponic greenhouse in Suffolk and hand-craft our prepared meals and deli items in our Harvest Kitchen in Virginia Beach.  We source our wholesome fresh produce, dairy, meats, breads and craft beverages from a vetted network of 30+ small farms & artisans and other suppliers that meet our high standards for quality and sustainability. The vast majority of these partners are located right here in our Southeast region. Sometimes, we do forge partnerships outside the region to bring exceptional items to our customers that cannot be produced locally.  Some items, like avocados and pineapples, simply don't grow well in our climate.  And in rare cases, the types of farming being practiced locally do not meet the standards practiced elsewhere, where we find the land and farming traditions to be superior. We always source locally first, with our ultimate goal in mind: bringing the best, wholesome foods we can find - along with an outstanding service experience - directly to our customers.  It is this goal that drives all of our sourcing decisions.

You can change your order as often as you like.  Order changes must be made before the order window closes, which is two days prior to delivery.

You can mange your orders directly through our website any time before your cut off day by logging in with your username and password given at sign up. Please note that order changes include “Skip Delivery” or vacation holds.  Click on the tab that says, "Going On Vacation?" to skip deliveries.

The office staff is happy to process your order changes for you via phone or email if you have any questions or difficulty doing so yourself.  

It's not necessary to be home to receive your delivery as we make your delivery right to your front door in a cooler.  Please place your own ice packs, frozen water bottles, or loose ice inside your cooler, particularly during the summertime heat.

Not a problem! We will deliver your order in an insulated re-useable bag and leave it by your front door or designated delivery location.

A fee of $5.00 per bag will be charged to your account for any bags that are left for you. If you return the insulated bag on your next delivery day, we will credit that amount back to your Harvest account.
In the summer months, we recommend leaving your cooler in the shade to help protect your delivery. Also, during the summer heat, please remember to place ice packs, frozen water bottles or loose ice inside your cooler.

We have many customers who live in these homes and strive to find a working solution for deliveries. In most instances, we are able to have access to the building from the site management. There are instances though where we cannot make deliveries to controlled access locations and if that is the case we are happy to try and work out a different delivery option for you.

Going on vacation, business trip, whatever?  No problem! Just log in to your account before the order window closes on two days before delivery and select "Skip Deliveries." Enter the date range during which you don't want to receive deliveries and save. (Please note, you must set this by your normal cut-off two days before the delivery you want to skip).
You're never gonna want to cancel because these greens and lettuces are everything we brag them to be! But in some cases, it can't be helped and we don't want any unhappy customers.  You may cancel at any time by calling our office at 757-809-3577 or email us at info@theneighborhoodharvest.com. Please, note-cancellations must be made before the order window closes each week.  
The date of your first delivery depends on in what area you live and when your customer profile is completed with an order selection. Your first delivery is generally during the first week after you complete your profile, however you can choose to start your delivery at a later date. When you place your order, you will be given a choice of the next three available delivery dates for your area.
Unfortunately, we can't guarantee a delivery time. Our general delivery window is 6am - 6pm. Delivery time depends on two things: 1) the length of your route. Some routes have more subscribers than others, and 2) what number you are on the route.  Once you receive your first delivery, your delivery time shouldn't vary greatly each week until the number of new subscribers in your area expands.
For every person that subscribes and puts your name in the Referred By box on their customer profile,  you will receive a $25 credit to your account when they place their first order! Please remind your friends and family to put your first and last name in the "Referred By" section of the customer profile page so you will receive credit.
Billing is processed on your cut-off day (two days prior to delivery) just after your cut-off time. Any orders with payment that cannot be processed will be skipped and not delivered that week. 

We accept VISA, AMEX, MC and Discover. 



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