Help Us Bring Food Security To Families In Our Own Backyard.


Fresh fruits and vegetables are key to a healthy diet.

(Fortunately, that’s what we do best.)

Our existing community services, like food banks and pantries, do a wonderful job of providing pantry-stable items and single meals to so many. But even with these services, many families in Hampton Roads can’t reliably access affordable, healthy food. In 2018, about 1 in 10 residents in Hampton Roads experienced food insecurity: not always knowing where the next meal will come from. So many of those affected are children.

The statistics from 2018 have increased, particularly in this era of the Pandemic. Some of our urban areas have become Food Deserts, where stores have closed and help is too far away from the homes of many residents. So in 2020, we began making fresh produce deliveries to a small number of area families on a regular basis, right to their doorstep.

Through Access College Foundation, we identified 25 families with school-age children who could use a helping hand. Access helps families bridge the financial gap to higher education, and we are excited to provide a nutritional boost to help these children thrive.

We know many of you share our passion to help others, so we created an opportunity to give back as a Neighborhood Harvest family. As a result of your generosity, we are making a real difference, helping to bring more food security to our neighborhoods throughout the year.

Giving Back, Together.

It’s easy to purchase a produce bundle for $20 on our website, or to give $10 toward a bundle as we all join together in this effort. For every complete bundle our customers give, we’ll match that number. By working together in this way, we can multiply our efforts! We’ll update you from time to time on the progress we’re making together and the new deliveries that are happening as a result. Click below to access our Giving Back bundles, and join us today.