Family Meals: Why Eating Together Matters

In our busy, fast-paced lives, sitting down together for a family meal can feel like a luxury. But the truth is, these shared moments are more than just a pleasant break in the day; they’re an investment in our health and well-being.Read on and uncover the research-backed benefits of family meals and how TNH’s New Family Meal Deals—delivered directly to your door—can help busy families maintain this cherished tradition. 

1. Eating Together Means Eating Healthier.

Sure, eating as a family has those warm, fuzzy feelings of togetherness—but it also directly impacts our nutritional intake. Recent studies have shown that family meals usually contain more fruits and vegetables and less fast food and sugary drinks (1). This translates into meals typically higher in nutrients and lower in empty calories. And home-cooked meals are usually cooked with fresh ingredients, often containing fewer processed ingredients, less sodium, and less sugar than restaurant meals. Did we mention that all of our meals at The Neighborhood Harvest are cooked from scratch with wholesome ingredients?

2. Family Meals Encourages Healthy Weight.

According to the American College of Pediatricians, regular family meals served three or more times per week can help children and adolescents maintain a healthy weight (2). Why? Eating together encourages portion control and balanced nutrition; furthermore, a family meal routine inspires a structured eating environment that discourages mindless eating. By being mindful of the food and company you keep, you’re more likely to listen to your body’s hunger and fullness cues.

3. Your Kids Can Grow from the Inside Out.

Eating together as a family helps physical growth and children’s emotional and mental development. Children who participate in regular family meals have higher self-esteem, develop better communication skills, and have a stronger sense of resilience (3). Family meals are a great opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, allowing children to express their thoughts and feelings. This open line of communication boosts their self-confidence and promotes better interpersonal skills. Besides, the ritual of sitting together at the dinner table can nurture a sense of belonging and security for children, contributing to their emotional well-being. 

Get Family Meals Delivered To Your Door

Preparing family meals every day can be challenging, especially for busy households. This is where the best meal delivery service comes in handy. You asked, and we at The Neighborhood Harvest delivered. Enjoy our:

  •  New Family Meal Deals Our brilliant culinary team of chefs and bakers have come together with our partners at Baker’s Crust to bring exciting new family-style meals from our kitchens to your homes. Pizzas, pasta, salads, and bread that all offer familiarity and comfort will be a warm welcome on those nights when you want that home-cooked meal without a lot of fuss.
  •  Family Classic Bundle This deluxe bundle features our rotating fruit and vegetable bundles, a sampling of our pasture-raised proteins, and some of our customer-favorite items that your whole family can enjoy.  
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So, why wait? Enjoy the benefits of family meals with the best meal prep services today!