Beyond Organic

What we do at The Neighborhood Harvest goes beyond the scope of a government certified program for organic growing. The difference is evident not only in the appearance of our food, but in the taste.

When we started growing the worlds finest produce, we did so with a simple question in mind. 

Do you know your farmer?

Many people know the postal worker who brings their packages, as well as the lawyer who assist with legal guidance. Some even know their local politicians that set policy and make decision for the community.

Few, however, know their farmers, the people who grow food to sustain us all with life and nourishment.

The Neighborhood Harvest Difference

With The Neighborhood Harvest you can feel confident that the food you eat is the absolute best because it is grown and delivered to your home or office every week by one of your neighbors.

When you subscribe to The Neighborhood Harvest you are not only accessing some of the best food in the world, but you are also giving us a place at your family's table, and we take the responsibility very seriously.

You can ALWAYS expect the very best from your friends at The Neighborhood Harvest:


-Clean grown-          -Sustainably grown-          -GMO Free-          -Pesticide Free-

-Unmatched Freshness-         -Extended Shelf Life-         -Heirloom Varieties-


For more Information about The Neighborhood Harvest Difference and our growing techniques, please take a look at a series of letters our President wrote to our subscribers about what it means to rebuild   Local Food Sheds and eat "Beyond Organic"

Letter from the President

The Neighborhood Harvest Difference Part 1 (Your Family)

The Neighborhood Harvest Difference Part 2 (Your Community)