Good Food You Can Believe In

Good food is at the heart of who we are and what we do. It has the power to nourish our bodies and connect our families to the farmers and artisans who create it. It empowers neighborhoods and communities to grow together, rooted in a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
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Grocery and Meal Delivery Service

Clean grown.Pasture raised.Artisan crafted.Locally made.Hand Delivered.

Neighborhood Favorites

We source from 30+ regional partners who are foodies like us and share our passion for sustainable, honest practices. It’s this kind of heritage farming and crafting that makes our products so special, and we think you’ll taste the difference in every bite.

The neighbors are talking.

You truly taste the locally grown difference in all their produce, delivered at its nutritional best. 10/10 highly recommend! JANET & GABE
I love the fresh, pesticide-free produce! It's great to know I can support a local business and enjoy delicious salads! BEAN FAMILY
The greens and other products from the Neighborhood Harvest are the very best! I invite all my friends & neighbors to sign up and eat healthy! SANDY EATON
I look forward to my Neighborhood Harvest delivery every Thursday. The convenience factor is key! LILA GOODMAN
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What’s the
future of food?

At The Neighborhood Harvest, it’s sustainability. With our local produce, ethically-raised meats, and farm-fresh dairy, we are reshaping what it means to live a greener life. By changing the way we eat and how we produce it, we can give the gift of nature to every doorstep—and feed our neighbors; together.

farm fresh food delivery
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farm to home delivery in virginia

Delivered In our Refrigerated Trucks, by our friendly drivers.

local fresh food delivery

Working with the Neighborhood Harvest

Help bring fresh food options to your own neighborhood. Be part of the movement for sustainability and conscious consumption.